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Firearms Safety Northern Illinois
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Firearms Safety Northern Illinois

September 10, 2010

Dear Mr. Ostrander,

A few short weeks ago, I have attended your Chicago Firearms Safety Class and I wanted to drop you a note regarding how much fun I had attending it. It was a delight to partake in your class.

Your being a criminal defense attorney gives a unique perspective on the topic of gun ownership and what that really means if, and one hopes it never comes to it, one has to utilize it for self defense.

Whereas the seminar follows mandatory 4 hours requirement by the City of Chicago, I stayed with you for almost 6 hours and, truth be told, could have stayed all day long. It was really informative, and interesting, to hear your talk on variety of topics let alone real life stories.

Mandatory hour on the shooting range was also fun. As you know, last time I fired a hand gun was in 1993 let alone that I never fired a polymer weapon. Yet, with your expert guidance and your graciously lending me your 9mm Glock, it came all right back to me. Yes, I need to practice more and with your pointing what I need to work on, I am certain it won’t be long before I get to the satisfactory result.

I am by no mean what some would refer to as a “gun aficionado” however being part of your class and having enjoying it immensely, I am now interested in attending your other classes, Utah and Florida Concealed Carry Permit Classes, which I will attend as soon as you have one scheduled.

Rudy S.

Just a quick note to thank you again for letting me join your class last minute. I found it very enjoyable and informative; your background and expertise really helped bring it all together. I certainly will recommend the course to others!

Best regards,
Herb R.
Deerfield IL

Joel, Thanks for the [UT & FL] class. My wife and I enjoyed the class and talked about it all the way home. We both learned a lot ...
My wife, Michelle, wanted to thank you for the use of the gun and she felt very comfortable with it and your instruction. I see a Glock in the future when we have the funds to get one. Please let me know if there are other classes that would be helpful for skill in the future if you have any come up.
We look forward to the packet of info. And I already requested the information from Florida to get that application rolling.

Thanks again,
Jack B.and Michelle H.
Seatonville, IL

Firearms Safety Northern Illinois   Firearms Safety Northern Illinois

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